This art fair


About lust for life, in contact with the other, through the image, open the gate of each other’s world. Come sit on the garden bench with me.

My work takes place in the garden: my backyard, a mini-sized city garden in which the plants live together. Since 2011, I have been following the rhythm of the garden. The daily drawings have grown into huge watercolours in recent years by watering them well. The bamboo paper I work on is taped together, like a map. You can wander around in those drawings. Is the garden an oasis in the 24/7 burn-out society in which I sleep too short and can’t seem to stop doing more and more? Drawing and rhythm. I draw therefore I am.

Art, for me, is about lust for life, being in contact with the other and, through the image, opening the gate to each other’s world.

Rosa van den Hove (HKU student fine art, year 4) will assist me during This Art Fair.

Garden events:

27th 13 – 18 hours Preview and opening night ( until 22.00 hours)

28th  17.00   hours    Tea performance with Marleen Camellia Sinensis (HKU student fine art, year 4) assisted by Rosa van den Hove (HKU student fine art, year 4)

Marleen Camellia Sinensis will be my guest with her TEA experience. She fascilitates in her own tender way a setting to drink tea and speak together with strangers surrounded by the smell of marigolds, basil, ginger and variaty of unnamed scents.